What do readers say after reading MBA Admission for Smarties?

MBA Admissions for Smarties is a gem of a guide designed to help savvy business school applicants research and pick appropriate schools and present their application in the most compelling way to the admission committees. Going beyond simple tricks and hints, this book helps applicant fully tackle all aspects of their application from the basics of developing your goals to building core ideas for your essays and gathering letters of recommendations and preparing for interviews. After helping thousands of MBA applicants get into their top choice schools,’s admission consulting advice is now available for applicants everywhere.” – Leila Pirnia, Founder, MBA Podcaster

If there is one thing that a prospective MBAS student should take away from this book it is chapter 1. The question “what are your goals” should be such a simple thing to elucidate but it is the one question that applicants stumble over time and time again.  The MBA has become one more thing on a check off list rather than a reasoned, self-aware, ad thought-out process.” — Christie St. John, Ph.D., Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Tuck School of Business.

“This is a highly comprehensive book that will be valuable to graduate school applicants and educational consultants alike. Filled with thought-proving questions and tons of examples, it’s destined to become the ultimate handbook for MBA admission.”Maxx Duffy, President, Maxx Associates

“This book will help eliminate the initial fears and questions that many prospective applicants have about applying to b-school.  The level of detail allows the reader to use this as a reference tool to complete the perfect application.  Bravo!”Christine E. Sneva,  Director, Admissions and Financial Aid, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

“Cutting long story short, Linda does a great job in – Push YOU to think differently than just providing you an arid set of suggestions!!” — Sanket of My GMAT and MBA Journey…”

“For starters, the full title of the book is MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, and I think that accurately depicts the content within. I think the key merit of the book is that it neatly organizes all the considerations of the business school application process in a concise manner (the book is only 180 pages). You could probably actually go and find 95% of the information contained in the book on GMAT Club, Beat the GMAT, and other sites, but it would take you forever, and you’d sift through an overwhelming amount of information to dig out the gems that Linda and Judy have already identified through their years of experience in admissions consulting.” –MBA Boy in A Very Long Conversation With Myself

I just finished this great MBA Admissions resource – a book by Linda Abraham (founder of called ‘MBA Admission for Smarties’…Based on my own personal experience and the experiences about the MBA applications process of a couple of friends of mine, I can vouch that the book describes the MBA admissions process right from to-dos when one first thinks of an MBA to the moment he gets an acceptance letter from an MBA program through some concrete examples at every step.” — Amit Pandey, author of the blog, My Journey to Destiny.

Another thing I loved about the book is that it pretty much covers everything – right from your research (what website rankings really mean and what they don’t mean) to check points for interviews to a bit about wait list and reapplications… I would recommend this book for anybody who is looking to get things started or is a bit confused about where to begin or is probably stuck at addressing certain issues like low GPA or GMAT. Even those who have begin their application you could use this book as check point for your draft.” — by Asax of the Bschool Admit blog.

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